VoiceThread Docs / Web Application / Viewing / Listening to and viewing comments

Playing comments

When you first open a VoiceThread, it will begin playing by default unless the person who created it chose not to allow this.  You can play and pause the VoiceThread at any time by using the play/pause button in the bottom-left corner. All comments play back in order.

You can drag the scrubber ball along the timeline at the bottom of the VoiceThread to move forward and backward more quickly. Each comment is represented by a different segment of timeline.


Moving between comments

To jump to a specific comment, click on the commenter’s Identity image on the left side of the page or click on the segment of timeline that represents the comment.

Detailed conversation view

If you want to see a little more about each commenter, click on the >> icon at the top of your list of commenters on the left. This will expand the conversation channel so you can see details about each comment and the person who recorded it.

Adjusting playback speed

Whether you need to slow a comment down or speed it up, just use the “1x” button near the play button and select your desired speed.

Moving the comment bubble

You can move the comment bubble around on the screen so that it plays in the location that is most convenient for viewing the slide. Click and drag the comment bubble by the bar at the top, and let go when you’ve moved it to the desired location

In addition, you can make the comment bubble larger or smaller by dragging the bottom-right corner. This allows you to see more text at once when viewing text comments, and it allows you to enlarge the video if you’re viewing a video comment.


Increasing text size

If text comments are too small to read comfortably, just use the increase/decrease buttons at the bottom of any text comment to adjust the size.