VoiceThread Docs / Web Application / Commenting / Finding new comments

Using the Activity Feed

At the top of your VT Home page, there is a number to the left of your email address in the top-right corner. This tells you how many new comments there are on your VoiceThreads. Click on this number to see a list of all recent comments, and select any one of them to to view it.


You can also click “See all” at the bottom of that list of comments to open the Activity Feed, which allows you to see all recent comments organized by the VoiceThreads on which they appear.


On-screen notifications

Locating new comments on a VoiceThread is as simple as following the yellow new-comment notifications. From the VT Home page, you’ll see a yellow speech bubble icon next to any VoiceThread that contains new comments.


When you open the VoiceThread, any new comments will be underlined in yellow on the VoiceThread timeline, and the commenter’s Identity image will be outlined in yellow. Click on that comment to play it. As soon as you view or listen to it, the new-comment notification will disappear.


Email notifications

You might receive the Daily Digest, instant email notifications, or both. These detail new comments recorded on your VoiceThreads, and you can click on the comments listed in those emails to view them.